Занятие VI.

Задание I.

Вставьте, где необходимо, предлоги.

1. London is situated ... both banks of the River Thames.

2. The City extends ... an area of ... 2,6 sq.km. ... the heart ... London.

3. Hyde Park ... its Speaker’s Corner is in the West End.

4. ... other parks are Kensington Gardens, St. James’s Park.

5. The Port of London is ... the east ... the City.

6. The East End is unattractive ... appearance, but very important ... the country’s commerce.

7. The «musts» ... the sightseer is the Houses of Parliament, facing ... the Thames.

8. It is ... the West End that the University ... London is centred ... Bloomsbury ... London’s Student quarter.

Задание II.

Ответьте на Занятие VI. следующие вопросы.

1. Where is London situated?

2. Is London the largest city in Britain?

3. What is its population?

4. What is the role of London in the life of Britain?

5. What parts does London consists of?

6. What can the West End be called? What places of interst are situated in the West End?

7. What are the best known streets?

8. What is the most famous park in London?

9. What is Downing Street known for?

10. What is the name «West End» associated with?

11. Why is Trafalgar Square so-named?

12. Where wereritish monarchs crowned?

13. Why is Buckingham Palace so interesting for tourists?

14. What Занятие VI. is the financial centre of Great Britain?

15. Is the East End attractive in appearance?

Задание III.

Составьте предложения.

There are many the Stock Exchange across the Thames
is much rain in Great Britain
no famous parks in London
a few heavy industry in the City
little art galleries in the West End
historical places in the East End
museums, theatres, cinemas
concert halls
department stores
the University of London

Задание IV.

Переведите диалог на английский язык.

n Лондон - самый большой город в Британии?

n Да. Это главный порт страны и ее политический, коммерческий и культурный Занятие VI. центр.

n Когда и кем был основан Лондон?

n Лондон был основан римлянами в 43 году до н.э.

n Лондон состоит из Сити, Ист Энда и Уэст Энда, не так ли?

n Да. Сити - финансовый центр страны со множеством банков, офисов и Лондонской фондовой биржей. Уэст Энд известен своими историческими дворцами и красивыми парками.

n Что представляет собой Ист Энд?

n Это промышленная часть города.

n Что является «обязательными» достопримечательностями для туриста в Лондоне?

n Тауэр, Трафальгарская площадь, Вестминстрское Аббатство, Собор Св. Павла и многие другие.

Задание V.

Прочтите тексты и скажите, чем знамениты Тауэр Лондона и Занятие VI. Собор Св. Павла.

Text 8.

The Tower of London.

The Tower on the north bank of the Thames in one of the mostancient buildings of London. It was founded in the 11th century by William the Conqueror. But each monarch left some kind of personal mark on it. For many centuries the Tower has been a fortress, a palace, a prison and royal tresury. It is now a museum of arms and armour, and as one of the strongest fortresses in Britain, it has the Crown


The grey stones of the Tower could tell terrible stories of violence and Занятие VI. injustice. It was here that Thomas More, the great humanist, was fatsely accused and executed. Among famous prisoners executed at the Tower were Henry VIII’s wifes Ann Boleyn and Catherine Howard.

When Queen Elizabeth was a princess, she was sent to the Tower by Mary Tudor (‘Bloody Mary’) and kept prisoner for some time.

The ravens whose forefathers used to find food in the Tower still live here as part of its history. There is a legend that if the ravens disappear the Tower will fall. That is why the birds are carefully guarded.

Every might at 10 p Занятие VI..m. at the Tower of London the Ceremony of the Keys or locking up of the Tower for the night takes place. It goes back to the Middle Ages. Five minutes before the hour the Hendwarder of the Yeomen Warders (Beefeaters ) of the Tower of London comes out with a bunch of keys and an old lantern. He goes to the guardhouse and cries: ‘Escort for the keys’. Then he closes the three gates and goes to the sentry, who calls: ‘Half, who comes there?’ The Headwarder replies: ‘The Keys’. ‘Whose Keys?’ demands the sentry. ‘Queen Elizabeth’s Keys’, comes the answer Занятие VI.. ‘Advance Queen Elizabeth’s Keys. All’s well’. The keys are finally carried to the Queen’s House where they are safe for the night. After the ceremony everyone who approaches the gate must give the password or turn away.

1. Вильям Завоеватель;

2. [‘kraun ‘d u lz] королевские регалии (короны, скипетры и др. драгоценности);

3. [‘joum n ‘w :d z] лейб-гвардейцы, стражи лондонского Тауэра;

4. [‘bi:fi:t z] «бифитеры», «мясоеды» (прозвище стражников лондонского Тауэра).

Документ Занятие VI.